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certificate program, public health workforce, training



  1. Davis, Mary V. DrPH, MSPH
  2. Plaisted Fernandez, Claudia DrPH, MS, RD, LDN
  3. Porter, Janet PhD
  4. McMullin, Katherine MPH


Objectives: Public health workers need to be trained in the core public health sciences. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health created a Certificate in Core Public Health Concepts to meet the training needs of public health workers, primarily those working in state or local public health agencies.


Methods: This article examines the demographic, educational, job classification, and workplace characteristics of certificate program applicants from the first 3 years of the program. In addition, this article assesses student performance and graduate satisfaction with the program


Results: Among the 273 applications reviewed, the majority were from females. They worked in a variety of job classifications: 19% were public health agency workers, 64% were public health system workers, and 17% worked in other occupations. Nearly all students received High Pass or Pass grades on courses. Initial data on graduate satisfaction with the program are positive.


Conclusions: Implications of the findings for training the public health workforce are discussed.