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  1. Demir Y[latin dotless i]ld[latin dotless i]r[latin dotless i]m, Ayca PhD
  2. Gungor Sat[latin dotless i]lm[latin dotless i]s, Ilkay PhD


It is believed that practicing yoga has a healing effect on reproductive organs and increases blood circulation. The aim of the present study was to systematically evaluate the results of previous studies on the effects of practicing yoga on infertility problems, depression caused by infertility, and pregnancy outcomes. This literature review was conducted from July through August 2020 from the following sources: Cochrane, Science Direct, Scopus, Medline, Complementary Index, and Google Scholar for the international data; Turkish Academic Network and Information Center, and the Council of Higher Education Thesis Search Database for the Turkish data. "Infertility" and "yoga" keywords were used, and the related publications were searched without date limitations. Twenty-four research articles that involved the practice of yoga were included in the study. The included studies were conducted in 9 different countries, the majority of which (n = 12) were conducted in India. In 3 of the studies, hatha yoga, and in 1 study, vinyasa yoga were performed; in the other studies, different yoga asanas that activated the pelvic regions were performed. In this systematic review, yoga practice was found to have a positive effect on stress, anxiety, and depression and emphasized that it should be applied as adjunctive therapy, especially during in vitro fertilization treatment. These studies have also shown that practicing yoga has a positive effect on pregnancy outcomes.