1. Hawkins, Janice PhD, RN, CNS-BC

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In their article "Telehealth Expansion During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond" (Update from the CDC, July), authors Hanna B. Demeke and Erica Umeakunne enumerate some of the benefits of telehealth. I would like to add one more item to their list of advantages of using telehealth when feasible: it helps reduce the carbon footprint of our health care delivery systems.


Transportation is currently the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.1 Lessening patients' and providers' transportation requirements is one small action we can take to fight climate change. Considering the negative health effects of climate change,2 nurses are called to promote climate-friendly practices that protect our health and our planet.


Janice Hawkins, PhD, RN, CNS-BC


Sigma Theta Tau UN Liaison


Virginia Beach, VA




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