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  1. Tighe, Caitlan A. PhD
  2. Buysse, Daniel J. MD
  3. Weiner, Debra K. MD
  4. Beehler, Gregory P. PhD
  5. Forman, Daniel E. MD


Objective: The aim of this review was to summarize literature examining the prevalence, impact, and trajectories of sleep disturbance in cardiac rehabilitation (CR) patients and discuss how CR programs may incorporate targeted evaluation and interventions to promote sleep health.


Review Methods: A narrative review of literature allowed for an examination of the prevalence of sleep disturbance in CR patients, the effects of sleep disturbance on CR outcomes, and trajectories of sleep disturbance in CR.


Summary: Sleep disturbance is prevalent in CR patient populations and is related to clinical and functional outcomes. Sleep may be an important biobehavioral process to target in CR to improve important patient outcomes and achieve secondary prevention goals.