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  1. Laurens Acevedo, Michelle MD
  2. Diaz-Navarro, Cristina MD, PhD
  3. Leon-Castelao, Esther MSc
  4. Perez Ortega, Silvia MSc
  5. Baneras Rius, Jordi MD, PhD


Background: Clinical debriefing (CD) improves patient safety and builds team resilience.


Purpose: We describe the current use of CD by multiprofessional Spanish cardiology team members.


Methods: A self-administered survey exploring 31 items was disseminated online in October 2020. A comparison was made between respondents that who experience in CD with inexperienced respondents. Inferential analysis was done using Pearson's [chi]2 test.


Results: Out of 167 valid responses, 45.5% had been completed by cardiology nurses. One-third of the respondents had experience in CD. Most common situations preceding CD were those with negative outcomes (81.8%). Time constraint was the most commonly reported barrier (76.3%); however, it was significantly less than the expectation of inexperienced respondents (92%, P < .01). Overall, only 28.2% reported self-confidence in their skills to lead a CD.


Conclusions: There is a necessity in Spanish cardiology teams to receive training in CD and embed it in their daily practice.