1. Harris, Marilyn D. MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

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The symbol for a 40th anniversary is the ruby, the symbol of burning love that lasted 40 years. This symbol represents the connection that home healthcare professionals experience with Home Healthcare Now (HHN). In the 20th anniversary edition, I shared my thoughts about "The Advantages of Getting into a Rut" by N. Pauline Myers (1930), a public health nurse in Kentucky who shared that, as a young nurse she did not want to get into a "rut" (Myers & Harris, 2002). She wanted new places, patients, duties, and routines. She closed her articles with:


Grown older and wiser, I see in my own smooth rut unimagined beauties...So I say to each nurse... make yourself a rut and stick to it. You'll find you are always having to extend the rut, that everyday brings something of new interest, some tragedy, some joy that you must touch. You will find that eventually your rut will widen out and smooth down until you are traveling a long and golden highway straight into the hearts of your people. (p. 321)


As I reflect on my 62-year career in home care and hospice, and my 37 years with HHN, I agree with Ms. Myers. I have grown older and wiser and see the unimagined beauty associated with longevity. My first article was published in HHN in 1985. During the past 37 years I had the opportunity to share my experiences as a staff nurse and administrator through articles and columns. It has been an amazing gift and honor to work with every editor as an author, reviewer, editorial board member, and now emeritus board member during the past 37 years that span 92% of HHNs existence. The editors keep pace with, and sometimes are ahead of, current events in practice, education, and research. This accomplishment is a tribute to the motivated, attentive editors who track trends and attract authors who share pertinent information and experiences in each issue.


Home Healthcare Now is the perfect journal in which to write or read about important innovations, research, and evidence-based practices in home care. I invite you to share your stories and ideas for future education, practice and research to support patients, families, and clinicians who provide these services. I encourage you to keep a journal of everyday and special experiences to share in a column, commentary, or article. I look forward to reading your thoughts.


As I reflect on my valuable opportunities, experiences and wonderful HHN colleagues, I am filled with gratitude for their support and encouragement. In the words of Ms. Myers: Thank you to each of you who has been an important part of my journey and helped to extend my rut to make it smoother and easier to travel to 2022 and beyond.


Google's suggestions about what to write in a 40th anniversary card include: "You are truly an inspiration; WOW; Thank you for being you." Another is to "toast one another with red wine!" So, when you receive your September/October 2022 HHN, drink a toast of your choice to the publisher, current and past editors, authors, reviewers, editorial board members, and of course, our readers. Happy 40th Anniversary HHN!




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