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comprehensive treatment, leg ulcer, ozone therapy, physical medicine, quality of life, wound care



  1. Pasek, Jaroslaw MD, PhD
  2. Stanek, Agata MD, PhD
  3. Szyluk, Karol MD, PhD
  4. Cieslar, Grzegorz MD, PhD


ABSTRACT: Treatment with ozone therapy is of interest in many fields of medicine. In the field of angiology, ozone is used to treat infected wounds that are difficult to heal. In this case report, the authors report the introduction of innovative therapeutic equipment into clinical practice to accelerate the healing process of clinical wounds by the external application of ozone in various forms. They present positive results of the comprehensive treatment of a 52-year-old woman with an ulcer on her right lower leg, which formed after a previous orthopedic surgery. In addition to pharmacotherapy and compression therapy, local ozone therapy was applied. After 30 ozone therapy procedures, the ulcer healed completely, and the patient's pain was significantly alleviated, as assessed by a visual analog scale (9.0 points before therapy vs 0.5 point after therapy). As a result, the patient's quality of life improved, as assessed by the EuroQol scale (10 points before therapy vs 90 points after therapy).


The use of local ozone therapy can be an appropriate complement in the comprehensive treatment of chronic wounds. In the presented case, ozone therapy helped complete healing of the ulcer and significantly reduced the intensity of pain experienced, thus improving the patient's quality of life.