1. Whitehead, Phyllis PhD, APRN/CNS, ACHPN, PMGT-BC, FNAP, FAAN

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As the seasons change, NACNS remains busy with advocating for you and CNS practice.

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I know you too are busy advocating for your patients, nurses and organizations during these challenging times with staffing shortages, Monkeypox and never ending COVID infections and re-infections. Despite these obstacles, you continue to thrive and accomplish incredible feats. Take a bow! Bravo!


Below are some exciting NACNS projects I want to tell you about.



The Fall Summit, "The CNS Advocacy Continuum: Bridging Academia and Practice," October 18-19 in New Orleans was a HUGE success. We had dynamic speakers who shared their work with our NACNS committees and task forces as well as hearing from you and your ADVOCACY! No one speaks more passionately about our practice and role than YOU! A BIG thank you to those who attended the summit.



I frequently visit the Achievement Board to review your many, many achievements such as Lizz Pincus being elected as AORN President-Elect and Erica Fischer-Cartlidge being appointed as the CCO of the Oncology Nursing Society. WOW!


CNSs are on the move and UNSTOPPABLE in our specialty organizations. Please update the NACNS Achievement Board at We want to hear about your successes and accomplishments.



'Please mark your calendar for the upcoming NACNS 2023 Annual Conference, March 8-11 in beautiful Portland, Oregon. The theme is Unstoppable Advocacy! I hope to see you there. Please consider asking a colleague and/or friend to attend. It will be a time to celebrate our advocacy and unique contribution to healthcare.



NACNS will be hosting an International CNS Summit in November. Our goal is simple[horizontal ellipsis]. provide a forum for international discussion about the CNS role and practice.


* Share ideas related to clinical nurse specialist practice, education, and regulation.


* Learn from colleagues across the globe.


* Expand the possibilities for the clinical nurse specialist role.


* Network with colleagues.


* Explore opportunities and challenges.


* Discover the unique ways clinical nurse specialists are meeting global health challenges.



There are CNSs around the globe, and I want to reach them and truly hear their ideas, issues and opportunities. Together we are STRONGER! We are GLOBAL!



If you have not already obtained your National Provider Identifier (NPI) please do so TODAY at It is critical to quantify our numbers and values as we need to be recognized as advanced practice registered nurses by the Occupational Employment Wage Statistics (OEWS) formally the Standard Classification Standard which will be updated in 2024. I met with representatives from RTI International to collaborate as we continue our journey for APRN recognition. You may be receiving a survey from RTI on behalf of the Department of Labor. Please reply and make sure you share we are advanced practice registered nurses.


NACNS has prepared a strong campaign to address this issue, but we need YOU to complete your NPI registration. The more CNSs who obtain an NPI, the stronger our profession becomes. You are helping yourself. Make a note to get your NPI number this week.


I will not stop advocating for CNSs[horizontal ellipsis]for YOU. Together we advocate for our patients, nursing organizations and ourselves. Together we are UNSTOPPABLE ADVOCATES.


PS I have thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions via "Ask Phee Phee". A few blog topics include questions regarding women's health CNSs, promotion of CNS programs and advocacy for DEI. Please submit questions and I will respond.