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Curriculum Framework, Delphi Methodology, Nominal Group Methodology, Novice Nurse, Transition to Practice



  1. Forneris, Susan Gross
  2. Tagliareni, M. Elaine
  3. Allen, Buffy


AIM: This study aims to address the transition-to-practice dilemma for novice nurse, define gaps, and lay a foundation for a curriculum framework.


BACKGROUND: The National League for Nursing has challenged and supported nurse educators in developing teaching methodologies that prepare novice nurses for professional practice. Over a decade ago, compelling research fueled a debate that continues today, with nursing education and practice research reporting lack of readiness for practice by novice nurses and the goal of identifying gaps and potential strategies for solutions.


METHOD: The Utstein-style meeting strategy consensus approach was used to refine the data gaps reported in the literature.


RESULTS: The findings from this work generated a strong foundation for a transition-to-practice curriculum framework.


CONCLUSION: The Utstein-style meeting provided for a diverse conversation across multiple perspectives. Participants worked collaboratively in real time to further illuminate and refine the data gaps and inform nursing curricula.