COVID-19, Mentorship, Pandemic, Transition to Practice, Undergraduate Nursing Education



  1. Beauvais, Audrey Marie
  2. Vittner, Dorothy
  3. Phillips, Kathyrn E.
  4. Burrows, Karen
  5. Corcoran, Karen
  6. Saracino, Katherine H.
  7. Kazer, Meredith


Abstract: Nurses are graduating from educational programs and entering health care systems at a time of great turmoil because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To support the transition to practice, nursing faculty implemented a postgraduation mentorship program (START). This exploratory study sought to describe the faculty mentor and new graduate mentee experience. Related variables (NCLEX pass rates, perceived stress, and professional quality of life) are provided to contextualize the results. The research is significant given the burden the pandemic places on the health care system, which may limit the resources available to new graduate nurses.