1. Mikhail, Judy N. PhD, MBA, RN

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Starting January 2023, the Journal of Trauma Nursing (JTN) joins a prominent list of scholarly journals requiring author ORCID IDs. The journal will now require authors to obtain and submit an ORCID ID when submitting a manuscript. The journal has requested the corresponding author submit their ORCID ID for the past 3 years. Starting in 2023, JTN will require all manuscript authors to submit ORCID IDs.



The Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is a unique and persistent identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and connects you to your research activities, so you always get credit for your work (Cacchione, 2017). Researchers are also progressively encountering ORCID in their university systems, and many funders now recommend or require using ORCID in their grant application systems.



Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID, n.d.) is a global registry of author and researcher identifiers created through an effort by publishers, researchers, research institutions, and funders ( An ORCID ID is a unique, 16-digit identifier that authors can use to distinguish themselves from other authors and clearly and reliably connect with their professional affiliations and contributions. By signing up, authors create a unique, lifelong ORCID identifier that resolves name ambiguity and confirms their valid research credit (Cress, 2019). No matter how many different versions of your name exist in the literature, all previous publications remain permanently linked to the ID because the ID is persistent and permanent.



Countless authors share the same or similar name, making it easy to confuse you with someone else. Name confusion is even more likely to be the case if you have changed your name, use various name versions; with or without middle initial, married versus maiden names, similarly spelled names and initials, or have a name that has been transliterated into other languages (Meadows, 2017). Having your own ORCID ID ensures that you are correctly identified and receive credit for your work.



It's free to register and use an ORCID ID. Registration takes less than a minute-You only need one version of your name, email address, and password. Interested authors can sign up for an ORCID ID here: Please remember to include your ORCID ID number when submitting a new manuscript to JTN. The ORCID ID number will automatically be included on their published article's first page for readers to reference.




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