1. Schuttner, Linnaea MD, MS
  2. Guo, Rong MS
  3. Wong, Edwin PhD
  4. Jimenez, Elvira PhD, MPH
  5. Klein, Melissa MD, MPH
  6. Roy, Sudip MD
  7. Rosland, Ann-Marie MD, MS
  8. Chang, Evelyn T. MD, MSHS


Intensive management programs may improve health care experiences among high-risk and complex patients. We assessed patient experience among (1) prior enrollees (n = 59) of an intensive management program (2014-2018); (2) nonenrollees (n = 356) at program sites; and (3) nonprogram site patients (n = 728), using a patient survey based on the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems in 2019. Outcomes included patient ratings of patient-centered care; overall health care experience; and satisfaction with their usual outpatient care provider. In multivariate models, enrollees were more satisfied with their current provider versus nonenrollees within program sites (adjusted odds ratio 2.36; 95% confidence interval 1.15-4.85).