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Join hundreds of your fellow cardiovascular nurses and nurse practitioners at the Preventive Cardiovascular Nursing Association's (PCNA) 29th Annual Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium. We're excited to be holding the meeting virtually and in person at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel on April 13-15, 2023.


Pharmacology preconference sessions will cover the following:


* Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Comparing Traditional & Novel Treatments


* Cardiometabolic Treatments for Obesity


* Therapies to Treat Inflammation in Cardiovascular Disease


* Update on Stroke: Tenecteplase (TNK)


* Antiplatelet Therapy in Primary Prevention



The General Sessions of the Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium will include an exhibit hall and poster sessions and cover the hottest topics in the field:


* Chronic Coronary Disease Management


* Heart Failure Care and Prevention


* The Role of Lipoprotein(a) in Cardiovascular Disease Risk


* Kidney Health Equity


* Behavioral Interventions: Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypertension and Obesity


* Structural Heart Interventions: What's New?


* Cardiac Rehab: What's in It for You and Your Patients?


* Cardiovascular Diagnostics: Demystifying which, when and why


* Rare Arrythmias: Do You Know What to Look For?


* Cardiorenal Syndrome: The Discord between the Heart and Kidney Relationship


* Mobilizing Nurses to Reduce the Burden of Hypertension


* Checking Out Chest Pain: Coronary vs Non-Coronary


* Reflecting on Well-Being



Learn more and register at


Health Equity: Global Perspectives and Everyday Applications

In fall 2022, PCNA and the Association of Black Cardiologists hosted the second annual Health Equity Summit, reinforcing the global impact of health inequity and providing clinic-ready applications to help improve outcomes for all patients.


Recognizing that an individual's access to healthcare-as well as medications, follow-up care, and adherence to treatment recommendations-is impacted not only by the patient themselves but also by social determinants of health, and by the attitudes, actions, and support of healthcare professionals, is critical to making changes to improve health equity for individuals and across systems.


Find out more and watch the session recordings at


Nursing Leadership at Every Level

Whether you are on the cusp of starting your career in cardiovascular nursing, are ready for retirement, or are somewhere in between, you demonstrate leadership in a myriad of ways. No matter your work setting, there's always more to learn and ways to contribute to the profession, and PCNA's leadership series is a great resource. Building on 2022 programs on Leadership in the Workplace, and Change Management, the momentum continues in 2023, with offerings on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Innovative Leadership Strategies.


More information, registration, and access to recordings of previous programs are available at


Cardiomyopathy: New Education and Resources

The Preventive Cardiovascular Nursing Association recognizes that cardiovascular nurses are extraordinarily busy-but also need access to the latest in clinical information and guideline-directed practice, including on the topic of cardiomyopathies. A new 2-part "putting knowledge into practice" video series on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is now available: one focuses on recognizing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and the second describes how and when to partner with a Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center of Excellence.


An additional new video covers the use of echocardiography in diagnosing amyloid. Viewers will learn more about amyloid mimickers and how to effectively read an echo report-even if you are not an echo expert. The video complements 2 new podcast episodes, which describe the patient journey for patients with amyloid and working in partnership with sonographers to use echo in amyloid diagnosis.


Find all the resources at


Heart-to-Heart Nurses Podcast: What's New?

If you haven't started listening to the podcast-now is the perfect time! Recent episodes include heart failure (pharmacotherapies, discussions to be having with patients, and more) and the role of social media in nursing. Upcoming episodes will focus on chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and women's health. Find episodes wherever you listen to podcasts and at


New Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Resources: Programs Near You

Spring 2023 will offer a new continuing education program on atrial fibrillation (AFib) and stroke prevention at a select number of chapter programs across the country. Participants will hear from subject matter experts on AFib prevalence (including asymptomatic AFib); current recommendations on AFib, anticoagulation, and stroke risk and prevention; using anticoagulation administration safety protocols to reduce medication errors and medication interactions; and how to effectively communicate risk factors, prevention strategies, and treatment approaches. See whether the program will be shared at a location near you at


Heart & Kidney Connections: New Screening Tool

Whether screening in the clinical or outreach setting, it is important to help individuals understand the connections between heart and kidney health and reducing their risk for issues with cardiovascular or renal systems. The Preventive Cardiovascular Nursing Association's new chronic kidney disease/heart failure screening tool includes shareable information, as well as a screening checklist, and suggested follow-ups based on the individuals' screening results.