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  1. Sancar, Behire
  2. Surmeli, Yagmur
  3. Dogan, Ayse Buket
  4. Ozcanarslan, Fugen


The aim of this study is to examine nurses' knowledge and behaviors about nasogastric tube placement according to current standards. This descriptive study was conducted in a private hospital in Turkey with the participation of 184 nurses. Data were collected through a questionnaire consisting of two parts: "Personal Information Form" and "NGT Placement Information Form." About half of the nurses (45.6%) did not read current information about nasogastric tubes, though 36.5% were aware of the auscultation method as the best method for nasogastric tube placement confirmation and approximately half (48.9%) of them used this method. Nurses who participated in our study did not use a pH test, capnography, or radiography methods to confirm nasogastric tube placement. As a result, it is recommended that nurses follow current evidence about nasogastric tube placement and maintain or improve their education on this topic.