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ANS Transitions

This issue of Advances in Nursing Science (ANS) marks 2 major transitions for the journal: the integration of a new section in the journal-"Visions: Scholarship of Rogerian Nursing Science," and welcoming the new ANS Editor, Dr Eun Ok Im (


Dr Im is already familiar to long-time ANS readers. She has been a frequent contributor to the journal, publishing works based on her notable program of research that focuses on the development of situation-specific theory, feminist perspectives informing experiences of midlife women, cross-cultural explorations that inform our understanding of health and illness experience, and internet and computer technologies to eliminate gender and ethnic disparities. Dr Im is currently a Professor of Nursing at Emory University. She hails from South Korea and maintains strong ties to universities and health care systems in South Korea and the greater Asia-Pacific region. We have featured Dr Im's articles on the ANS Journal blog (, where she shared with ANS readers various backgrounds that inform of her work. Her blogs reflect the nature of her leadership in the development of nursing knowledge, with titles such as "Theory Development Process of Situation-Specific Theories," "Theory Development Strategies for Middle-Range Theory," and "Focus on Transitions From a Nursing Perspective." It is my great pleasure to welcome Dr Im as the new Editor of ANS!


The new "Visions" addition to ANS comes as a result of an agreement between ANS publisher Wolters-Kluwer and the Society of Rogerian Scholars ( The Society has published "Visions: The Journal of Rogerian Scholar Science" since 1993; all past issues of the journal are available to download on the Society website- We are delighted to now provide a new "home" for this scholarship in the new section "Visions: Scholarship of Rogerian Nursing Science," which will feature one article in each issue based on Rogerian Nursing Science. The content of the journal will remain diverse in presenting a wide range of theoretical and philosophic perspectives, with this new section devoted to Rogerian science. The new "Visions" section will increase the size of each paper issue, and each ANS issue will be provided as a Society member benefit. The first article appears in this issue of the journal, titled "Unitary Appreciative Nursing Praxis," by W. Richard Cowling III. We are delighted to also welcome Jane Flanagan, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, ANP-BC, FAAN, as the "Visions" ANS Editor. Dr Fanagan is a Rogerian scholar and is an associate professor at the Boston College Connell School of Nursing. I am delighted to also welcome Dr Flanagan and the new "Visions" section on ANS!


I will provide support and assistance during this transition and will remain as the ANS Journal Blog editor! Worldwide, we are experiencing a significant time of renewal and transformation, as well as the chaos that comes from major change. ANS has from the beginning stood as a venue for cutting-edge scholarship that challenges the status quo while building on a firm foundation rooted in the cherished values of the discipline of nursing. As these changes unfold for the journal, I am confident that the journal will grow and evolve in significant ways that will continue to enrich the discipline and embolden new horizons for the future!


-Peggy L. Chinn, PhD, RN, FAAN