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caregivers, caregiver burden, heart failure, psychometrics, reliability, validity



  1. Grant, Joan S. PhD, RN
  2. Graven, Lucinda J. PhD, ARNP, FAHA
  3. Wang, Danny MS
  4. Luttik, Marie Louise PhD
  5. Azuero, Andres PhD, MBA


Background: The reliability and validity of the subjective component of the Dutch Objective Burden Inventory (DOBI) are unknown.


Objective: The validity and reliability of the subjective component of the DOBI were examined in caregivers of individuals with heart failure, using the original 38- and a 24-item version.


Methods: In an online cross-sectional investigation, confirmatory factor analysis was used to examine factorial validity. In examining convergent validity, corrected item-dimension correlations assessed item performance and associations between subjective subscale scores and the Bakas Caregiving Outcomes Scale. Cronbach's [alpha] examined internal consistency.


Results: The original 4-factor solution was retained and both the original and shorter versions of the subjective component of the DOBI supported adequate construct validity and internal consistency.


Conclusions: Both the 38- and 24-item forms of the subjective DOBI supported construct validity and reliability. Further studies examining the usefulness of both versions are needed in carers of individuals with more severe HF.