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  1. Li, Dongxia MS
  2. Zha, Fubing MM
  3. Wang, Yulong MM


Background: Activities of daily living comprise an important risk factor for falls among patients who have suffered a stroke.


Purpose: To investigate the incidence of falls in patients with stroke, categorized by their Longshi grades (bedridden, domestic, community), and to explore their risk factors for falls.


Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive design was used. Patients completed a survey during face-to-face interviews.


Results: Of the 869 participants, 15.7% experienced a fall. Those in the domestic Longshi group had the highest rate of falls. Approximately 30% experienced either a moderate or severe injury as a result of falling. In addition, being older than 70 years was significantly correlated with fall risk. Intermediate Longshi grades, from moderately dependent to slightly dependent, were also positively correlated with falls.


Conclusion: Patients with stroke in the domestic Longshi group have a higher rate of falls. The risk of falling increased significantly in those with intermediate Longshi grades.