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  1. Filipova, Anna A. PhD


OBJECTIVE: This study examines the effect of work environment stressors on RNs' exhaustion through perceived organizational support (POS).


BACKGROUND: Drawing on conservation of resources theory and POS theory, POS is theorized to act as a buffer or mediator between lack of COVID-related support and communication (LCSC), 3 role stressors (role overload, role ambiguity, nonparticipation), bullying, and exhaustion.


METHODS: A cross-sectional survey design was used. A total of 169 questionnaires (16.6% response rate) were analyzed, performing Pearson correlation, mediation, moderation, and hierarchical robust regression tests.


RESULTS: The 3 role stressors were strongly related to bullying. Support was found for an interactive relationship between LCSC and POS at different levels of bullying. Role overload, role ambiguity, and bullying had positive direct effects on exhaustion, whereas POS had negative direct and indirect effects.


CONCLUSIONS: Cognitive skills training at individual level coupled with organizational-based stress interventions and leadership development programs could reduce exhaustion.