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Burnout and intent to leave the job increased during COVID-19, according to results of a national survey of nearly 21,000 clinicians, including advanced practice nurses, in the November 2022 JAMA Health Forum. Burnout rates increased gradually over the course of the pandemic, from 45% in 2019 to 50% in 2020, and to 60% in 2021, the highest level ever recorded according to the authors. Intent to leave increased from 24% to 40% over the same period. Though burnout rates increased throughout, the increase was lower when respondents reported good teamwork and feeling valued. In contrast, those who reported a chaotic workplace, inadequate control over workload, or poor teamwork experienced higher levels of burnout. Unsurprisingly, job satisfaction played an important role in intent to leave, with intent-to-leave rates increasing as job satisfaction decreased. The authors note that understanding the factors that aggravate and mitigate burnout can help organizations find more effective ways to address it.