Collaboration, cultural exchange, Fulbright Scholar, NP education



  1. Roberts, Lisa R. Dr.PH, MSN, FNP-BC, CHES, FAANP, FAAN (Research Director, Professor)


ABSTRACT: The Fulbright Scholar Program offers numerous awards, presenting nurse practitioners with opportunities to interact with colleagues around the world. As increasing acceptance of the nurse practitioner role is gaining acceptance and being defined in various countries across the world, with expanding role definitions, this represents a trailblazing opportunity to influence global representation. The recent completion of a Fulbright award experience in India is provided as an exemplar of the Fulbright opportunity. Nurse practitioner program development and continuing education are key to enhancing patient care and access to care among patients who need it most. To be a part of the effort to prepare nurse practitioners everywhere expands the reach beyond that of an individual nurse practitioner. We can learn from each other, share strategies for implementation across settings, and together address barriers to practice.