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Alcohol, Alcoholism, Attitude of Health Personnel, EAFAA, Psychological Tests, Validation Studies



  1. de Vargas, Divane PhD, BSN, MSN, FIAAN
  2. Naegle, Madeline A. PhD, CNS-PMH, BC, FAAN


Background: The Attitudes Scale on Alcohol, Alcoholism, and Persons with alcohol use disorders ("Escala de Atitudes Frente ao Alcool, ao Alcoolismo e ao Persons with alcohol use disorders" [EAFAA]) is an instrument designed to measure attitudes toward alcohol, alcoholism, and persons with alcohol use disorders. It has been validated in Portuguese and Spanish.


Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties and factor structure of the American English version of the EAFAA (EAFAA-AEV).


Methods: One hundred eighty-seven participants (nurses = 101 and nursing students = 86) completed the EAFAA-AEV.


Results: Confirmatory factor analysis resulted in a four-factor solution, supporting the original factor structure of the EAFAA. The scale has shown good internal consistency and reliability for the four factors. The total scale had a Cronbach's alpha of .85 and a McDonald's omega of .87.


Conclusion: The EAFAA-AEV has similarly strong psychometric properties as the original version, suggesting that it is a reliable tool to identify attitudes toward alcohol and related issues among American-English-speaking nurses and nursing students.