Attachment, Infant, Neonatal nursing, Newborn



  1. Karl, Donna J. MS, APRN BC, PNP
  2. Beal, Judy A. DNSc, RN BC
  3. O'Hare, Cynthia M. MSPH, RN
  4. Rissmiller, Patricia N. DNSc, APRN BC


In the first few days and weeks after a child's birth, attachment is a major task for the mother and her newborn. Success in this long-term psychological process is associated with positive life-long outcomes for both the parenting mother and her child. This article proposes a relational approach to newborn nursing grounded in the principles of attachment theory. Understanding this "attacher" approach can benefit nurses by bringing a gratifying depth to their practice and can benefit families by helping mothers and newborns address the most compelling task before them.