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  1. Waggoner, Jacquelin K. BSN
  2. Waskosky, Aksana DNP


Background: The neonatal intensive care unit is a specialized unit where nurses, physicians, and other providers take care of the smallest patients in healthcare. Because neonatal intensive care units are highly specialized, many nursing students graduate from undergraduate programs with little experience or knowledge related to the care of neonatal patients.


Results: Nursing residency programs with hands-on simulation training have been shown to provide significant benefits to new and novice nurses as they enter the workforce, particularly in areas where the patient population requires highly specialized treatment. The myriad of benefits provided by nurse residency programs and simulation training exercises have been shown to result in improved nurse retention, job satisfaction, nursing skill, and patient outcomes.


Conclusion: Because of the proven benefits, integrated nurse residency programs and simulation training should be the standard for training new and novice nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit environment.