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Black Californians report encountering racism when seeking health care. In a recent survey of Black Californians conducted by EVITARUS, a Black-owned public opinion research firm, 40% of women and 22% of men report encountering racism when seeking health care, including not having symptoms taken seriously, being prescribed unnecessary medication, denied adequate pain treatment, and being treated disrespectfully. A quarter of the respondents avoided seeking care because of concern they would face disrespect or unfair treatment. Many adjusted their behaviors and appearance in an effort to be treated with respect, modifying their speech to put providers "more at ease" and paying "special attention" to how they dressed for health care visits. Some reported that they avoid asking questions or voicing concerns not to be seen as difficult, a worrisome strategy that can lead to poor outcomes because health needs are not being addressed. To read the survey report, Listening to Black Californians: How the Health Care System Undermines Their Pursuit of Good Health, go to