1. Kawakami, Aki PhD, RN, PHN
  2. Tanaka, Makoto PhD, RN, PHN
  3. Sakagami, Kayoko RN
  4. Ito, Hiroaki PhD, MD


This study aimed to analyze the specific contents of telephone consultations of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. A medical record survey was conducted at a clinic in Japan for 1 year. Telephone consultation sheets recorded by nurses for calls with the patients or their relatives were reviewed. Content analysis was used to summarize the telephone consultation content. Consultations were categorized into 8 categories. Coding was conducted by 2 independent researchers. Concordance rates were evaluated using kappa coefficients. We analyzed 476 sheets. A total of 229 participants consulted the clinic at least once. The mean number of consultations per person was 2.1. Of these patients, 96 (40.9%) had ulcerative colitis. The kappa coefficient was 0.89. The most frequent consultation was "Consultation on worsening health: Inflammatory bowel disease is likely to have worsened" (42.0%). The second most frequent response was "Consultation or progress report on a worsening health condition: The disease is unlikely to have worsened" (19.8%). For consultations related to worsening the disease, it would be useful to assess symptoms over the phone using a disease activity index to ascertain the degree of worsening and to develop a screening tool for determining whether patients can continue remote support or require face-to-face consultation.