1. Akarsu, Ozlem PhD, RN
  2. Semerci, Remziye PhD, RN
  3. K[latin dotless i]l[latin dotless i]nc, Derya PhD, RN


Background: Blood draw procedures can cause pain, fear, and anxiety in the pediatric population.


Purpose: To compare the effects of watching cartoons either with virtual reality (VR) or via a tablet on pain, fear, and anxiety during venous blood draw procedures in children.


Methods: A randomized controlled study was conducted with 159 children aged 5 to 12 years in the pediatric emergency unit. The 3 groups included cartoons with VR (n = 53) or a tablet (n = 53), and a control group (n = 53).


Results: Children in the 2 intervention groups had lower perceptions of pain, fear, and anxiety, with those watching cartoons via VR having the lowest perceptions.


Conclusions: Findings from this study showed a reduction in the perception of pain, fear, and anxiety in children who watched cartoons with VR or tablets during blood draw procedures. Nurses should consider using these nonpharmacological methods to reduce pain, fear, and anxiety, among pediatric patients.