Ignatian nursing education, nursing, online education, pandemic, pedagogy, Technology Acceptance Model, virtual learning



  1. Wodwaski, Nadine
  2. Courtney, Renee
  3. Ruel, Jennifer


ABSTRACT: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education faculty at a Jesuit university were compelled to adapt pedagogies that were immersive and learner-centered within a virtual learning environment. The Ignatian pedagogical paradigm presented in this article is based on a practical teaching context that values Ignatian principles and world views while promoting Jesuit education. This educational interventional study measured the transformation of nursing student online learners into active, caring, and compassionate participants as they developed their nursing knowledge in a maternal-child health course. With an Ignatian pedagogy as a structure for the online courses, students were challenged to embrace diverse ways of thinking, knowing, and learning.