mobility, mobilization, multidisciplinary perceptions, multidisciplinary teamwork, nurse-led protocol, teamwork perceptions, ventilated neurosurgery patients



  1. Vinar, Adrianna Lall
  2. Cipher, Daisha J.
  3. Ormand, Molly
  4. Carlisle, Byron
  5. Behan, Deborah


ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Multidisciplinary teamwork is essential in delivering holistic care to critically ill populations, including ventilated neurosurgery patients. Although it is considered a safe and feasible aspect of patient care, mobilization is often missed in this population because of negative healthcare provider perceptions regarding barriers and patient safety. Nurse-led teamwork has been suggested to overcome these barriers and to achieve earlier mobilization for patients, as well as positive provider perceptions, which may affect the culture and frequency of mobilization on neurointensive care units. Quantitative studies analyzing multidisciplinary teamwork perceptions to mobilize ventilated neurosurgery patients with or without a nurse-led protocol have not been previously conducted. Analyzing such perceptions may provide insight to team-related barriers related to missed mobility. This pilot quasi-experimental study aimed to determine whether the use of a nurse-led mobility protocol affects teamwork perceptions when mobilizing ventilated neurosurgery patients. METHODS: A sample of multidisciplinary teams, composed of nurses, patient care technicians, and respiratory therapists, mobilized ventilated neurosurgery patients according to either standard of care (for the control group) or a nurse-led mobility protocol (for the interventional group). Teamwork perceptions were measured via the reliable and valid Nursing Teamwork Survey tool. RESULTS: Linear mixed model analyses revealed that multidisciplinary teams in the nurse-led mobility protocol group had significantly higher levels of overall perceived teamwork than those in the control group, t3 = -3.296, P = .038. Such differences were also noted for teamwork variables of team leadership and mutual trust. CONCLUSION: Nurse-led mobility protocols should be considered to increase teamwork when performing multidisciplinary teamwork-based mobility for ventilated neurosurgery patients. Future studies should continue to evaluate teamwork perceptions after nurse-led mobility.