1. Bork , Stephanie
  2. LeBar , Kiersten


Meaningful job recognition is a pillar for sustaining healthy work environments and proven beneficial for job satisfaction and retention. However, few dedicated award recognition programs exist for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), and no available literature evaluates the impact on professional practice, sense of belonging, and job retention or satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to introduce a novel award recognition program for APRNs and physician associates (PAs) in a large academic medical system and evaluate it's impact on job satisfaction, retention, and sense of belonging. Five awards were created to recognize areas of achievement for clinically practicing APRNs or PAs within an academic health system. Nomination letters were collected, deidentified, and reviewed by an award committee. Winners were announced and received a plaque. A survey was sent to employed APRNs evaluating their response to the program. The survey was sent to both APRNs (83%) and PAs (17%). Survey end points included job satisfaction, willingness to stay in role for 1 and 5 years, sense of community, something to work toward, and increasing recognition of APRNs. Results showed statistical significance in three areas. Advanced practice registered nurses or PAs who were aware of award opportunities and/or nominated for an award showed higher job satisfaction, more likely to stay in job for 1 year, and felt a greater level of recognition. Dedicated APRN award programs may have a positive impact on job satisfaction and retention. This model may be extrapolated to provide greater opportunities for meaningful recognition among clinical APRNs.