1. Vonk , Thijs
  2. Maessen , Martijn F.H.
  3. Hopman , Maria T.E.
  4. Snoek , Johan A.
  5. Aengevaeren , Vincent L.
  6. Franklin , Barry A.
  7. Eijsvogels , Thijs M.H.
  8. Bakker , Esmee A.


CR participation rates increased to 41% in 2016 but remained unchanged thereafter. Participation modulators included age, sex, CVD diagnosis, and undergoing a cardiothoracic procedure. Education and exercise sessions were frequently adopted, but dietary and mental health counseling had a low utilization rate. These findings suggest the need for reinvigorated referral and novel enrollment strategies in specific CVD subgroups to further promote CR participation and its associated underutilized adjunctive services.