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Neonatal intensive care, Sound, Health facility environment, Infant



  1. Thomas, Karen A. PhD, RN
  2. Uran, Annie MN, RN, NNP


Purpose: To replicate a previously published descriptive study of sound levels in the NICU.


Study Design and Methods: A descriptive study of nursery ambient sound levels and sound levels associated with nursery equipment and care activities was conducted in a Level III NICU. Measurements were obtained using a sound level meter and evaluated in light of previous findings.


Results: Contrasted with 16 years ago, room sound levels were reduced; however sound levels associated with caregiving, equipment, and activities continue to be high.


Clinical Implications: Sound levels continue to be a clinical challenge for NICU nurses. This study suggests some modification of care practices and equipment selection that could reduce sound levels and concludes that sound reduction is a continuing need in neonatal care.