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Postpartum depression, Postnatal depression, Postpartum mood disorders



  1. Beck, Cheryl Tatano DNSc, CNM, FAAN


This two-part series summarizes 141 postpartum depression studies that have been conducted by nurse researchers from around the globe. Studies contributing to the knowledge base of postpartum depression were conducted in the following nine countries: United States, Australia, Canada, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Turkey, and Malaysia. Part 1 of this series addressed the contributions of nurse researchers in the areas of epidemiology, risk factors, and transcultural perspectives related to postpartum depression. This article is Part 2, and it describes what nurse researchers have contributed to the following aspects of postpartum depression: instrumentation/screening, interventions, mother-infant interactions, family dynamics, breastfeeding, preterm births, biological factors, clinicians' knowledge, and mothers' use of health services.