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Induction of labor, Perinatal nursing, Standardization



  1. Durham, Laurel MPH, RN
  2. Veltman, Larry MD
  3. Davis, Peggy BSN, RN
  4. Ferguson, Linda RNC
  5. Hacker, Margaret BSN, RN
  6. Hooker, Debra RN
  7. Larison, Kristine MBA, RN
  8. Pribyl, Jennifer BSN, RN
  9. Twilleager, Karen BSN, RN
  10. Van Hout, Gretchen BSN, RN


Induction of labor has become routine practice in perinatal units across the United States, with rates reaching a high of 21.2% of births in 2003-2004. This article describes the process our institution used to standardize the criteria for scheduling inductions. Specifically, we aimed to increase the consistency in practice for scheduling and performing elective inductions, including mandating gestational age of 39 completed weeks, ensuring cervical ripeness, and disallowing the use of cervical ripening agents. The nurses' participation, from planning to implementation, was critical in the success of this evidence-based practice change.