1. Deck, Michele L. MEd, BSN, RN, LCCE, FACCE, Column Editor

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Many of us have the responsibility for teaching the same material multiple times with staff every year. I thought of that challenge when I reconnected with a special educator I had not seen in some time. I have had the pleasure of meeting this educator a number of times at a variety of presentations over the years. We even shared the star treatment at the Disney/MGM studio a little over two years ago. Maryrenee Bruno, BSN, RN-BC ( is the graduate nurse coordinator at Orlando Regional Healthcare in Orlando, FL. She shares her successful instant teaching tool idea below:


I call the game "You Hold the Answers." I use it to review content at the end of a three-day course (but it could be done for a shorter class as well). I gather questions from all of the content and put these questions on a 4 x 6 index card. I then make a PowerPoint presentation with each question and answer on a slide. I pass out the questions (one per participant) to the group, in no order. I then tell them that they will see a question on the screen. I read the question out loud to the group as they see it on the screen and tell them that one of them will have the answer to that question on the index card that he or she has. I then ask that the individual who has the answer stand up and tell the group the answer.


This is a great way to review the content and get the correct answer. Even if it is a difficult question, it will be answered the way you want it to and include the things you want included because you constructed it. The PowerPoint presentation is animated in that the question comes in at one click and then after it is answered, I click one more time and the answer appears on the screen for all to see and review together.


The audience loves it. It is not stressful because they don't have to construct the answer themselves. And by reducing the stress, the audience will learn more, and they will pay more attention to the review.


Thank you, Maryrenee, for offering each of us a way to review content several ways with a fun approach. Good luck in all you do!