1. Tyler, Betsy BSN, RN
  2. Walters-Peyton, Rita BSN, RN, CGRN

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Precepting is the key for a solid foundation in creating, not just good gastrointestinal (GI) nurses or technicians, but exceptional ones. A strong preceptor uses his or her knowledge and vision to develop and guide preceptees towards his or her fullest potential. We intend to provide a fun, humorous, and knowledge packed presentation, as well as a mini-analysis quiz. We will incorporate all types of learning styles. This presentation offers an exciting combination of education and interactive demonstration about the layered approach to precepting. Specifically, we will cover the precepting challenges of diverse generations, personalities, and physicality's of the GI preceptees. We will demonstrate how matching the correct preceptor with the preceptee assures success, and why goal setting is important. This presentation is for anyone within the GI field including managers, leads, staff nurses, and endoscopy associates.


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We are pleased to present the abstracts from sgna's 36th annual course, SGNA: your gateway to opportunity. The diversity of these topics certainly reflects the richness and breadth of our specialty. in keeping with the tradition of the annual course, we hope the following abstracts will encourage discussions for improving nursing practice and patient care outcomes.