1. Buchholz, LuAnn RN, CPSN

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This issue of Plastic Surgical Nursing salutes those nurses who serve in our military. I came across a few facts while doing research on this topic. Originally, entry was exclusively through the Red Cross until the first nursing school was opened. The Walter Reed Army School of Nursing opened in 1918 in Washington, DC. The entrance requirements were a high school graduate with good moral character in excellent physical condition. By 1920, these nurses were given rank by the Army, which gave them the status of an officer. What an honor for these nurses who wanted to serve their country and care for those injured by its wars.


I am proud to say that ASPSN has several members who are either currently active or retired from the military. Their stories make me so proud and sometimes envious that they have been part of such an important cause in history. I admire the challenges they have been exposed to and how committed they are to caring for their patients in very difficult situations.


Currently, there are more than 10,000 nurses serving in the Navy, Air Force, and Army. For all of you, I thank you and salute you!!


LuAnn Buchholz, RN, CPSN


ASPSN President 2009