1. Dean, Roberta MSN, RN

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I was appalled by the photograph that accompanied "Saving SimBaby," (AJN Reports, November 2009).


As an RN and an American Heart Association cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructor, I know that the correct compression technique to be used on infants involves the use of two fingers or two thumbs encircling the chest. The photograph of the medical team performing CPR on SimBaby shows the staff member using two hands, which is the appropriate adult technique.


Roberta Dean, MSN, RN


Greenville, MI


Editor's note: The photographer captured an actual training session in which an incorrect technique was being demonstrated. We regret that we didn't clarify this in the photo caption, which should have read: "In this infant CPR simulation exercise, the physician (right) is pointing out that two hands should not be used for chest compressions on an infant.'


We've corrected this in the online version of the article, which is available at, and we published an erratum in the January issue.