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federal funding, public health administration, public health funding, sexually transmitted diseases, state funding



  1. Meyerson, Beth E. MDiv, PhD
  2. Gilbert, Lisa K. PhD


The importance of state investment in sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention has been discussed since the mid-1990s; however, little has become known about state public health funding for STD prevention. To establish a baseline understanding of state STD prevention funding, financial data for fiscal year 2007 were gathered by survey of state STD, immunization, laboratory, and hepatitis program directors. Results revealed that on average states funded 25.8 percent of their total STD prevention budgets and invested $0.23 per capita in STD prevention. The percentage of state funding in the total state STD prevention budget ranged from 0 percent to 70.2 percent, and state investment in STD prevention ranged from $0.00 to $1.55 per capita. The direction and expenditure of state STD prevention resources was also examined. This study strengthens the national understanding of what states are doing to fund STD prevention, and it broadens state public health awareness of the overall STD prevention investment at the state level. The inclusion of Medicaid data and expenditure of federal resources by states would strengthen the study and assist longitudinal analyses focused on the impact of investment on epidemiologic indicators.