Solutions to Nurse Burnout

The workforce is a healthcare system’s most valuable asset and solutions to nurse burnout must be a priority for organizations and leadership. A commitment to easing stress and burnout in nursing and improving workforce well-being must be a collaborative approach between the organization and the individual. It’s not just about Self-Care for Nurses; our institutions must focus on fostering workforce well-being and finding solutions to nurse burnout. Together we can then make the necessary changes that will foster resiliency, improve workforce agility, and drive quality patient outcomes, now and into the future.
Below you’ll find advice and tools to help prevent and manage stress and burnout in nursing.


Workforce Well-Being Blogs and Articles

Prioritizing Nurses’ Mental Health: We need to do better
Lippincott NursingCenter
Healthcare organizations need to adopt a healthy work environment culture, staff their patient units by integrating nurse competency and patient acuity with their staffing systems, and demonstrate they value their workforce by focusing on retention of their staff by addressing compensation and benefit issues.
Nurses Suffering in Silence: Addressing the Stigma of Mental Health in Nursing and Healthcare
Nursing Management
As much as nurses have championed efforts to destigmatize the public's social stigma related to mental health, more attention and effort are needed to destigmatize mental health within nursing ranks.
Collaboration: Fostering Workforce Resiliency and Wellbeing in Four Easy Steps 
Lippincott NursingCenter
How  can healthcare organizations collaborate more efficiently with their workforce to foster resiliency and promote the well-being of their staff?

Beyond Burnout – The Moral Injury of Health Care Today
Lippincott NursingCenter
There is no simple solution, but we need leadership willing to focus on a culture of safety and ethics.

Nurse Well-Being Tools from Professional Organizations