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Academic/Practice Innovation: An Interview with Dr. Candice Vaughan Griffin and Dr. Marilyn Oermann

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Dr. Candice Vaughan Griffin, Executive Director of Clinical Education & Professional Development at Banner Health, and Dr. Marilyn Oermann, Thelma M. Ingles Professor of Nursing at Duke University School of Nursing and Editor-in-Chief of Nurse Educator, answer some of the questions that were submitted by attendees of the webinar, Preparing the Next Generation of Practice-Ready Nurses. In this podcast, the following questions are addressed: 

  • We recognize that graduate nurses are not practice ready when they graduate. One recommendation is to have a shared competency model across education and practice for beginner nurses. Can you tell us more about this idea and why it’s important for both education and practice? 

  • How can education and practice determine these competencies? 

  • Do you think assessing shared competency and clinical judgement is superior to clinical judgement alone when we are looking at practice-readiness?