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COVID-19: Alternative Staffing and Onboarding Models

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This podcast is an interview with Dr. Anne Dabrow Woods, Chief Nurse of Wolters Kluwer Health Learning, Research & Practice, adjunct faculty for Drexel University, and a critical care nurse practitioner for Penn Medicine, Chester County Hospital. The discussion is around COVID-19 and the resulting surge of patients overwhelming the healthcare system. In some areas, hospitals have increased their bed capacity to accommodate more patients, which brings up the question – who will care for these patients? Dr. Woods shares specific recommendations for strategies to increase staff quickly, including alternative staffing and onboarding models.

*Note: this podcast was recorded on March 26, 2020. For the most up to date information, please visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource page, where you’ll find links to the CDC and WHO, plus free access to our point-of-care tools and more.