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Nurses Lead and Collaborate: An Interview with Mike Singer

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Mike Singer is CEO of Strategic Partners, Inc (SPI). Mr. Singer’s extensive and successful business career has been – and continues to be – deeply engaged with nurses. In this conversation, Mr. Singer shares his personal and business experiences with nurses, really focusing on the value of nurses in decision-making. As natural leaders and collaborators, nurses bring unique skills and experiences to improve the health of communities across America.Mr. Singer also shares the philanthropic efforts of his company as well as valuable advice for nurses to get involved with boards. As you listen to our conversation, Mr. Singer references the important work of SPI with The Daisy Foundation, A Nurse I Am, Scrubs Magazine and ScrubsMag.com. Also, SPI is a Founding Strategic Partner of the Nurses on Boards Coalition and is involved in sharing the Coalition’s important work, “To improve the health of communities and the nation through the service of nurses on boards and other bodies.”

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