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The Ins & Outs of Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses

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In this podcast, Senior Clinical Editor, Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP speaks with Edie Brous, JD, MS, MPH, RN. Edie is a nurse attorney who combines her experience and passion for nursing and law in representing, advising, educating, and advocating the interests of licensed professionals, particularly nurses. Edie is also the contributing editor for legal issues for the American Journal of Nursing.

Listen to this podcast and learn about the importance of professional liability insurance for nurses. Highlights of the conversation include:

*The meaning of professional liability insurance and malpractice insurance
*The coverage nurses can expect from their employer
*Why all nurses, including students, should have their own professional liability insurance
*Advice and guidance to avoid being named in a malpractice suit

Listen and learn from Edie Brous, an expert in this field whose work raises awareness of legal issues, specifically, licensure protection, for nurses.