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The Fabric of Being a Nurse: A Conversation with Lisa Kreeger, PhD, RN

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“…I am always a nurse and I'm always going to be a nurse. That is my very fabric. It's the way I look at the world. It's the way I unpack problems and the way I come up with solutions."

Listen in on this conversation with Lisa Kreeger, PhD, RN, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Capella University. Learn about Dr. Kreeger’s journey in nursing – from pediatrics to business to nursing education.

We also discuss:
*Organizational relationships and organizational health improvement
*How nurses can get started with board service 
*Dr. Kreeger’s experience as an elected official and the importance of nurses holding public office
*Leaning in to new experiences and setting realistic goals
*Being resilient when unexpected things happen

KreegerL_1.jpeg Dr. Kreeger also reflects on how we can keep up the momentum of the importance of nurses’ work by gathering and elevating their stories. "It’s worth it and I want to spread the word why it’s worth it.”

Dr. Lisa Kreeger held a number of positions at Capella before assuming the role of dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. She began in School of Business and Technology as a member of the Institutional Review Board before joining the School of Nursing and Health Science as a faculty member, program chair, and interim dean. Kreeger brings a combination of academic and health care industry experience building from her roots as a clinical nurse. Read more…