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Duration - 21:01

COVID-19: What Nurses Need to Know about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Nurses are on the frontlines caring for patients with possible and confirmed cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19. Listen to this interview with Betsy Todd, MPH, RN, Nurse Epidemiologist and Clinical Editor for American Journal of Nursing, and Lisa Bonsall, Clinical Editor for Lippincott NursingCenter, to learn important facts that nurses need to know, specifically when it comes to infection control and prevention. They review the basics about categories of isolation precautions, discuss current recommendations, and review teaching points for the public. Details of the virus and its transmission are changing quickly, so please remember to stay up to date on recommendations and rely on reputable sources – identified during this podcast – for information.

*Note: this podcast was recorded on March 6, 2020. For the most up to date information, please visit our
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource page, where you’ll find links to the CDC and WHO, plus free access to our point-of-care tools and more.

Duration - 22:41

Discussion on COVID-19 Vaccine Research & Development

Early in her nursing career, Myrna Schnur, MSN, RN worked in vaccine clinical research as a medical program coordinator for a large pharmaceutical company and was responsible for several study sites across the country. With news of a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, Myrna explains Operation Warp Speed, breaks down the basics of vaccine research and development, and shares details on potential COVID-19 vaccines and where they are in the process. In this conversation, Myrna also covers potential challenges that could be faced even with the approval of a vaccine, including distribution and acceptance by the public.

Note: This podcast was recorded on November 11, 2020. For updates on COVID-19, please visit our complete collection of COVID-19 Resources for Nurses.