Recommended Reading for Nurses 

Twice each month, our Clinical Editor selects 10 of the most important journal articles from over 70 nursing journals that we publish and compiles them here. In Recommended Reading for Nurses, we offer access to the hottest topics in nursing and healthcare, as well as other “must-read” content.

Support over comfort: Inspiring confidence in Gen Z nursing students
Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, July/August 2024

Catheter-associated urinary tract infection prevention: Implementation of a multimodal and evidence-based education program
Nursing Management, July 2024

Travel medicine updates for the NP
The Nurse Practitioner, July 2024 

An Online Module to Promote Self-Care and Resiliency in Nursing Students
Nursing Education Perspectives, July/August 2024

Cardiogenic Shock
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, July/September 2024

Is YouTube a Useful Source of Information on Pressure Injuries? A Content, Reliability, and Quality Analysis
Advances in Skin & Wound Care, July 2024

Implementing the Brøset Violence Checklist in the ED
American Journal of Nursing, July 2024

Care of the Patient With an Artificial Airway
Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, July/August 2024

Sibling Adjustment to Diabetes and Educational Needs
Nursing2024, June 2024

Climate Change and Cardiovascular Health
Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, July/August 2024