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Cardiac Nursing Videos

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Duration - 9:17

Lippincott Clinical Leaders: Cardiac Output

In this episode of the Lippincott Clinical Leaders podcast, Dr. Anne Dabrow Woods, Chief Nurse of Health Learning, Research and Practice talks about cardiac output and other terms related to cardiac physiology that are often confusing. Anne breaks down contractility, stroke volume, ejection fraction, preload and afterload, systemic vascular resistance and pulmonary vascular resistance, and more. Review what nurses need to know when it comes to cardiac output!

Duration - 9:17

Lippincott Clinical Leaders: Rapid Response Teams

In this episode of the Lippincott Clinical Leaders podcast, Dr. Elizabeth Tomaszewski talks about rapid response teams (RRT), including reasons for calling, the members of the RRT team and their roles, and what the nurse at the bedside needs to know. 

Duration - 5:02

Lippincott Clinical Leaders: SBAR Communication

Welcome to the Lippincott Clinical Leaders podcast. In this episode, Dr. Anne Dabrow Woods, Chief Nurse of Health Learning, Research and Practice talks about SBAR communication. Learn how to use this structured, concise way to communicate using the acronym SBAR, which stands for situation, background, assessment, and recommendation.

Duration - 5:25

Let's Not Forget Why We Love Nursing

Let’s face it, the last 2 years have been the most challenging for our profession and for all of healthcare. Anne Dabrow Woods, Chief Nurse of Wolters Kluwer, Health Learning, Research & Practice, speaks from the heart, answering the question, “Why do I love the nursing profession?”

Duration - 1:28

The Power of Nurses

You are strong. You are able. You witness things we couldn't bear to see, and you feel the weight of life more than anyone. You bring us into the world and carry us through life, fighting disease, rising above challenges, sacrificing to keep us all safe.

Wolters Kluwer is proud to celebrate the world's greatest heroes. Be inspired by this video celebrating the power of nurses.


Duration - 10:18

Reducing Care Variability and the Use of Evidence in Practice

This video focuses on two macrotrends in nursing: (1) decreasing care variability to improve patient outcomes; and (2) how technology is changing how we access and use evidence in our practice.

Duration - 13:22

Learning from the Past in Nursing

From Florence Nightingale's use of the principles of epidemiology to how certain practices have become outdated based on the evidence, learn why lifelong learning is so important in healthcare. Ongoing education and advanced degrees allow nurses to influence policies and protocols, making decisions to change practice and improve health.

Duration - 3:39

Culture of Caring in Nursing

The culture of caring is changing to improve the patient experience. As nurses, we need to be knowledgeable, on top of constant changes, and confident and competent to deliver the highest quality care.