Emergency preparedness in light of recent events in Boston

Unfortunately, as healthcare providers, we must be prepared to intervene during emergencies that we would never imagine.  The bombings at the Boston Marathon have left me with a heavy heart, yet I am inspired by the stories of heroism that have resulted. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this tragedy.

When a traumatic event occurs, I tend to immerse myself in information – not so much the media details surrounding the event, but in the human stories, especially about the “helpers” that I’ve been reading so much about over the last few days. We have several articles related to emergency preparedness that may give you some insight and confidence that you are the nurse that would be using your skills to care for the injured with expertise and compassion.

 Dealing with Disaster
Nursing Management, July 2007

 Disaster preparedness: Are you ready?
Men in Nursing, June 2007

 Emergency Department Response to Terrorism
Topics in Emergency Medicine, March 2005

Sending heartfelt wishes to those affected by the events of this week. Many thanks to the first responders for their swift action and to those who continue to care for the injured. 

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