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The main role of the nurse is to prevent complications in patients. Thus not only taking but interpreting vital signs, being aware of actual and potential health problems for each individual and indeed monitoring patients for early signs of deterioration. These skills require knowledge and experience and using anticipatory critical nursing skills. We look for adverse changes in our patients so we can detect them early and engage senior staff and medical officers as soon as possible. Downtime to play cards at breaks, if ever, is ancient history Warren Peterson Nurse Educator Melbourne Australia
5/8/2019 6:08:46 PM

The sad thing is this senator claims that her mother was a nurse "for a number of years".
4/24/2019 1:14:25 PM
I am a nurse and have been for the last 36 years (started at 24 yrs old. I've worked tirelessly, seen others with their feet up reading a magazine. I find it very stressful to work with others that really don't care. The job I work now, I RARELY GET A LUNCH BREAK. I keep snacks close to me as I learned from nursing school. I try my best to give the best care and counseling, encouraging patients to be better people by just taking their medications as instructed. The Senator that made the comment is living in another world, he needs to come and spend one hour on a nursing unit, especially the Psychiatric unit I work on now.
4/24/2019 9:15:58 AM