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Soonhye Shim
your made so clear on shared governance.
Thank you!!!
10/27/2017 3:30:57 AM

Valerie Lechuga
Should hospital shared governances exclude clinical mentors and quality nurses from participation in shared governances in that they are denied membership and voting rights however are allowed to go to meetings and have a voice but they just can't actively participate with a vote.
7/27/2016 12:17:23 PM

Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP
Thank you Terra!
5/24/2016 8:44:26 AM

Terra Ciurro
You may find this to be of some interest:
5/23/2016 2:57:44 PM

Louise Zedd
We started a "Shared Governance" group about 1 year ago and I think that they struggle with their role and the direction of the group.
9/2/2015 9:47:30 AM